Heat Pump for hot water: how to limit the energy consumption

Acquy by Tonon Forty is a heat pump water heater which allows the production and storage of large quantities of domestic hot water (300 Liters), with very limited power consumption.

The operating principle is based on the transfer of heat from the air, at a low temperature, to the domestic hot water at a higher temperature, using the thermodynamic cycle

Compared with conventional water heaters based on electrical heating elements, Acquy provides average savings of electricity consumption close to 70%. The efficiency of Acquy is represented by the COP (coefficient of performance) parameter, > 3 on average, which expresses the ratio between the energy supplied for heating the water and the electricity consumed (1kW of electricity consumed = 3/3.5kW heat supplied to heat the water)

The ventilation, active during the phase of water heating, enables the dehumidification and renewal of the air inside the environment.  The water tank, as well as the solar heat exchanger, are made of stainless steel to ensure maximum  hygiene and durability.

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