Hanwha Solar One: HSL 60 cells poly solar panels

Hanwha Solar is one of the top ten PV panels manufacturers. The Hanwha modules perform efficiently even under the most challenging real-life conditions.

With the news series HLS 60 polycrystalline panels end-customers can rely on:

Robust design: withstanding heavy mechanical loads (7000 Pa snow load/4000 Pa wind loads, corresponding to 3.5 meter snow/ >210 km/h       wind)
Increased yield: up to 2.5 % higher energy output
Predictable output: steady performance at low irradiation as well as at high temperatures. New anti-reflection glass with self-clean surface
Anti PID (against Potential Induced Degradation) and verified against salt mist and ammonia corrosion
Light : reduced weight and size for easy installation and more efficient transportation and storage
Guaranteed quality: the solar panels comply with international standards and industry-leading warranty-terms

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A bit of Hanwha Solar One:

Hanwha Q CELLS receives Carbon Footprint certificate for the French market

Hanwha, one of the most important Korean Group of companies, is in the PV Industry