Hanwha Solar One is a branch of the Korean Hanwha Group founded in 1952. It consists of 56 branches and a wide worldwide network of companies in three main sectors: production/building, finance and services/free time.

Hanwha Solar One works in the global market of the photovoltaic energy offering a whole vertical integration (from the silicon to the ingots, from the wafer to the cells and therefore to the modules) to the development and to the funding of projects.

The company can rely on: high reliability, guaranteed quality, control of the supply chain, maximization  of the product performance and of the production processes thanks to the commitment to research and development.

It has branches in all Europe, in the North of America and Asia, offering technical and commercial support.

It relies on the knowledge and the competence of Hanwha Chemical Corporation and of the previous Hanwha SolarOne Holdings.

In July 2007, it founded Hanwha SolarOne PV Engineering Centre equipped with an experimental production line and several types of equipment. It works to the improvement of the cell performance and to the expansion of their applications.

Hanwha SolarOne cooperates also with Universities and Research Institutes to develop new technologies and new products.

Since 2011 Hanwha Group has been Official Solar Energy Supplier of the famous Italian football team Juventus, this in order to raise the solar technology knowledge and the awareness of its positives all over Europe.

The partnership with VP Solar, a leader company in the distribution of pv and energy systems since 1999, has offered the opportunity to match the high quality products of Hanwha Solar with the high value-added services from VP Solar concerning the logistic efficiency, pre and after sales support, the information and the education, that in addition to the competitiveness, allow the installer customers of VP Solar to result successful in the nowadays pv market that is increasingly selective.