Created in 1997 in the European Centre of Innovating Companies, with more than 10 years experience Eurener is one of the pioneer companies of the solar energy in Europe. Eurener is by sales, commercial network, production capacity, importance and number of installations performed, one of the leading companies in its sector. Eurener Headquarter is in: Alicante_Spain. The two factories are in Bigastro_Spain and Torres Vedras_Portugal. They have a Business Office in Valencia, and more than 100 sales offices across Europe. The company is present in Italy and Portugal, through Eurener Italia and Eurener Portugal. Eurener Italia was established in 2008 based in: Bergamo_Milan. Eurener Portugal was established in 2009 based in: Torres Vedras_Lisbon.

With an annual production capacity of 90 MW Eurener manufactures monocrystalline, polycrystalline and glass-glass photovoltaic modules.

The two Eurener factories (Bigastro_Spain and Torres Vedras_Portugal) are equipped with ultimate generation automated machinery.

It can rely on ultra-modern production line with Meyer Burger Group technology.

All products count with the most rigorous certifications and homologations of the solar industry. For these reasons the guarantees of the Eurener equipment are the highest of the market.

The guarantees of the modules are the highest of the market:

• 12 years product warranty
• 90% nominal power: up to 12 years
• 80% nominal power: up to 25 years

Thanks to the positive tolerance (0% / +3%) of Eurener panels, you will have around 7% more real peak power. This because Eurener automated production line, is the next generation of Swiss and German technology. The photovoltaic cells are classified by its real power and during the assembling process the panels do not lose Watts output.

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