Eurener: 100% Europen panel

Eurener is one of the oldest panels manifacturers in Europe with branches in Italy, Germany and France: the Spanish company was founded in 1997.

It is distinguished by having values that are over the average: the temperature coefficient is quite better than other modules. The curve behavior at different irradiance conditions showed a high efficiency increase in radiations  from medium to high, and a slight drop in efficiency at low irradiance conditions. These factors show that this solar panel could reach higher performance than the average in long-term measurements.


  • Warranty product: 12 years for the product and 15 years of experience
  • Lineal performance of warranty: high performance 25 years of warranty
  • Extra Power: up to 3% and up to 7W
  • Resistance:  4 mm glass antireflective anti hot-spot

To have a look to the technical data installers and resellers can see the datasheet in their Private Area or ask for information to the VP Solar Team.

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