ConSole by Renusol: cost saving flat roof installation

ConSole mounting systems are the ideal solution for installing solar modules quickly and cost-effectively on flat-roofs. The ConSole system also withstands high wind loads thanks to the simple and customized weighing down approach using ballast such as gravel, footway flagstones or similar materials.


• For flat roofs with a roof pitch of up to 5°.
• Also suitable for ground mounted systems, waste sites, rocky foundations, conversion sites, etc.
• Suitable for most commercially available solar panels due to the range of product sizes.
• Requires no roof penetration or damage to the roof covering.
Free positioning on the roof.
Optimal load distribution without concentrated loads.
Maintenance-free system.
10-year product warranty

 Do you want to find out more the different models of ConSole suitable for different panel dimensions? Contact us, our engineers will help you.

You can mount different PV panels:

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