Once the pv system is installed, the customers would like to be sure about the possibility to benefit from a lot of years of solar energy production.
In few words, the inverter checks the energy produced by the solar modules assuring most energy for the house and for the electricity grid. The photovoltaic inverter represents the heart and the mind of the pv system. It takes not only intelligent decisions related to the energy management, but also decides where to focus a quantity of optimal energy either to the house or to the electricity grid.

The Aurora Power-One inverters have particular technical features that allow to increase the possible consumption of energy in periods with bad weather conditions and when there are some shadows on the solar modules. The voltage input range of the Aurora inverters is very wide and allows to acquire energy also at minimum levels ( for example during the early mornings and in the late evenings), therefore the daily energy production is extended. Furthermore the high speed double MPPT technical feature really helps to raise the energy acquisition, because it allows to split the solar module strings in two separate channels.

If the roof is both West and East orientated, the double MPPT assures the maximum production in a independent way, from the modules East orientated in the mornings and from the West ones in the afternoons. In low light conditions the MPPT minimizes the effect on the solar module strings production.
Clouds and other elements such as trees can cover the solar modules and decrease the energy quantity of the whole module string.

Several independent tests have shown that the Aurora inverters offer the best performances of the category in terms of speed of the return to the maximum efficiency. The Aurora inverters that are installed in houses are equipped with a resistant external compartment and need the minimum maintenance. In order to keep optimal performances, the inverter should be keep clean to assure that the heat sink is always free and without obstructions. The LED inverter display shows in real time the energy quantity produced by the photovoltaic inverter.

In order to have information about how to modify the visualization on the LED display of the inverter, consult the product manual. The manual contains the answers to the most common questions related to the photovoltaic inverter. In case of any problem, it is recommended to ask for the installer. If the problem keeps on, it is possible to get in touch with the local support service of Power-One. The contacts can be found in the manual or on the website.

Distributor of Aurora Power-One inverters is VP Solar (www.vpsolar.com), a company located in the region of Veneto ( in the North-East of Italy) that since 1999 has been dealing with the distribution of the best systems for the energy production gained from renewable sources and for the energy efficiency.