Ariston NUOS: always available in VP Solar

Ariston NUOS range is very successful and even more appreciated by end customers because its heat pumps are efficient and easy to use and by installers because easy to install.

Ariston Nuos: whole range for any application

The heat pumps Ariston NUOS are both wall-hung and floor-standing, from 80 l to 300 l, assuring always the best solution for any need.

The small ones, with a capacity from 80 l to 110 l, are great for demanding end customers, thanks to contained dimensions and the capacity to supply hot water with a little energy consumption. In case of necessity, they have an electric heater of 1200 W able to respond to eventual requests of hot water, without making worse the comfort.

For bigger requests are available the 200 l, 250 l and 300 l models, able to respond to the water need of a 3-4 people family and more.

All these water heaters are available mono block and split.

Ariston Nuos: VP Solar reliable supplier

Thanks to its experience VP Solar is always ready to satisfy the needs of its customers in advance, assuring quick shipments since it has a well equipped warehouse and an efficient logistic system.

Even regarding the Ariston NUOS heat pumps VP Solar provides most range in stock, being a step ahead in the market.

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